Practical solutions that make CFOs smile.

OR Company ManiputatOR PRO surgical manipulator and cervical cupsIf money were no object, we can all imagine what we’d have handy in our dream OR. Back here in the real world, we know that budgets can get tight and we have to make every dollar count.

That’s why we’re making an extra effort to ensure that Adler always offers cost-effective solutions for your surgical instrument needs. The EndoRetrival pouch from Purple Surgical is a good example. It’s designed for easy capture during laparoscopic surgery, while making minimal impact on the bottom line. Or consider the OR Company’s ManipulatOR pro. It has the largest balloon and cervical cup range on the market, along with one of the smallest price tags.

The point is, you don’t have to cut back on performance when you’re trimming budgets. And we’d be happy to prove it to you – just contact your Adler consultant for a free evaluation of these or other notable products.