The OR Company

The OR Company surgical instrumentsThe OR Company was founded in 2012, conceived on the philosophy of continuing to strive for innovation and improvements on everyday consumable surgical products, with a particular focus on Gynecology and Laparoscopic specialties. Through the OR Company’s research, development and manufacturing capabilities, superior product solutions such as the HolstOR Pro™ and ColpotomizOR Tube™ can be produced and delivered at both a clinical and cost benefit to the hospitals and users.

The OR Company will always endeavor to provide high-value, low-cost solutions that result in an efficient work environment and improved patient outcomes.

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ManipulatOR PRO surgical manipulator with balloon and cervical cups

OR-LapPak OR-LiquidScopeWarmOR OR-LapScopeWarmOR

Uterine elevator OR Company surgical instruments

Uterine elevator OR Company surgical instruments